Digital Futures of Work and Learning: Forging the Way Ahead

The widespread digitalisation of most aspects of work and learning is an undeniable feature of life today. There is constant adaptation involved in re-configuring work and learning, and in understanding the impact of such digitalisation in work and learning futures. The intense pace of evolving digitalisation also presents itself as both a challenge and opportunity as we navigate the digital futures of work and learning.

The theme for eLFA2023 is Digital Futures of Work and Learning: Forging the Way Ahead. Here, we acknowledge that learning is now, more so than ever, intertwined with work, and that Universities and Institutes of Higher Learning are paying heed to the relevance and practice applicability of learning within work. As we forge new inroads to this space of digitalised work and learning, Conference participants will manoeuvre the following strands of focus:

  • Lifelong learning and career adaptability
  • Learning, teaching and education in the era of global digital futures
  • Work-integrated and workplace learning
  • Blended and hybrid pedagogies for better learner engagement
  • Innovation and digital futures
  • AI and digital futures

Keynote Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Important Dates

Submission of Abstracts By 25 September 2023
Submission for eLFA Awards By 25 September 2023
Early Bird Registration By 25 September 2023