Oral Presentations

  • The author(s) will be required to deliver a PowerPoint presentation of their research work on the conference day. Please use the Powerpoint presentation template (download here) and bring along a soft copy of your presentation in a USB thumb drive. We strongly recommend bringing a back-up or emailing yourself a copy in advance in case of technical issues.
  • You will be allocated a 20 minute slot, please take care not to exceed it. We suggest aiming for a 12-15 minute presentation, so that there will be time for Q&A. Your presentation should be interesting, informative, well-paced and lively.

Poster Presentations

  • The paper posters will be placed at the display area and the poster presenters will respond to queries about their research findings during the official networking breaks.
  • Poster presentations must conform to the following:
    • Your poster must measure NO LARGER than the ISO A0 size at 1200mm/46.8in (H) x 841mm/33.1in (W
    • Posters will be hoisted on standard exhibition panel with measurement at 2000mm (H) x 950mm (W).
    • Presenters are required to bring their own adhesives (e.g. Velcro straps, Blu-Tack) to affix their poster to the display panel.